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We have been breeding English type Golden Retrievers in the United States for over fifteen years. We have spent many hours researching pedigrees in order to purchase puppies from the best lineages available. We import our English type Golden Retrievers from well respected kennels in Europe, which we have personally visited or met at dog shows.  Establishing professional relationships on site with champion breeders in their homes, and at prominent dog shows builds an exceptionally high level of community and confidence in our own breeding program. Our puppies are not affected with Ichthyosis and we pay close attention to all aspects of health. 


In the United States our Golden Retrievers are referred to as White Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, or British Golden Retrievers.  Worldwide these dogs are simply Golden Retrievers. Here in the United States some believe that all Golden Retrievers from Europe are white, this is not true. The English Kennel Club color standard for the Golden Retriever is cream to dark golden. Although we believe color is a matter of individual taste, we prefer the lighter color; however, there is so much more to our dogs than just color.  Health, structure, temperament, and movement are critical considerations before contemplating color of the dog. To learn more about the history of the Golden Retriever visit our History of the English Golden Retriever page.


Our puppies are raised in our living room with a high level of socialization. What keeps people coming back to us for a second and third puppy is the temperament, health and structure of our babies. We strive for excellence with every litter and believe in improving our program on a daily basis. Before a mating takes place, we research the pedigree of both parents, with a goal to improve on health, structure and longevity in the Golden Retriever.

We have several therapy dogs, and dogs with a Canine Good Citizenship awards. Our puppies are easily trained, smart and willing to please. This is important when choosing a puppy, especially when it comes to training. 

We will be adding many pages to our website that will help educate on training, health, grooming tips, puppy care, and other useful information to help keep your English Type Golden Retriever healthy and happy. 

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