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Shopping for your new White Sand English Golden Retriever

Below are products that we have personally used and recommend. We have made it easy to order supplies and you will just need to click on the blue link provided under each product. This will take you to a new tab/page so you can easily return to our website. 

blueberry pets.PNG

Durable, long lasting products with many designs to choose from. We use these leashes and collars. 

A must have for taking home a new puppy. This comes with a heartbeat and pouch that you can heat up. A Snuggle Puppy helps with the transition from our home to yours.


We recommend the large crate with divider 

bio groom.PNG

This smells so good and it can be diluted 1/2 1/2 


We love this tool and it works great when Goldens are blowing their coat! 

pajama gram sets.PNG

Fun matching pajamas for you and your dog


A must have for Golden Retrievers

kuranda bed.PNG

Kuranda Dog Beds

These cots are durable and they love them. Our puppies and dogs use these and we order the Silver Aluminum
40 x 25

Highly Recommend

Snuffle Mat

Make feeding time fun and entertaining! You can add kibble, treats, fruits or vegetables to make feeding time a game and fun!

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