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Puppy Insurance:
Before you go any further, please understand that we highly recommend that you carry pet insurance on your puppy for the first year. We have been breeding for a long time and this could have saved several families a lot of money in vet bills. Puppies get into everything and pet insurance will help with unexpected vet bills. Your puppy will come with 30 days free insurance from True Companion and I suggest continuing this insurance for at least a year. It is economical and well worth it in case of an emergency. 
How Do I Reserve A Puppy:
Fill out the Puppy/Dog Questionnaire and I will email you back or give you a call. We often get busy with family so if you do not hear back from us w/in 48 hours please give us call. We require a $500.00 deposit to reserve a puppy and the deposit is only refundable if we are unable to provide you with a puppy within a years time. Deposit goes towards the purchase price of puppy. Our puppy price is $5500.00 and $5800.00 for first pick male and female. Our puppies come with microchip, AKC limited registration, 30 days pet insurance, two year health guarantee, first puppy shot and a lifetime support with any questions you may have. 
Do You Train Puppies? 
We are not training at this time, please check back later for this option.
We will train your puppy until 12 weeks of age. This includes: crate training, walking on a leash, getting your puppy used to car rides, sleeping through the night and used to going potty outside on a leash. 

Do You Ship? 
Yes, we ship and the cost is $475.00 which includes the crate, health certificate, flight and transportation to the airport.

When Do Puppies Go Home?
Puppies will be ready for their new homes beginning at 7 weeks and 5 days and continues through 8 weeks of age. You must pick your puppy up by 8 weeks and 3 days of age or we will charge $30.00 a day until pickup. 

Have the puppies been wormed or given shots?
Yes, puppies are wormed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age. Puppies will be given their first puppy shot at 7 weeks of age and the puppy will need additional puppy shots at 10 weeks, 13 weeks and 16 weeks of age. We use a couple of brands of shots depending on what we can order from a reliable company. Usually we order from Revival Animal. Parvo is deadly, please do not take your puppy anywhere that might expose him/her until all shots are complete.

May We Visit Your Home? 

Yes, of course! You are welcome to visit, I just ask that you call first and let us know that you are coming. We also ask that if we have puppies at the time of your visit please do not visit or go around any other dogs or puppies before arrival. We do not allow visitors when we have newborn puppies at home for the protection of our babies. 

How Do We Know Which Puppy We Will Get?
At 6 weeks of age we begin temperament testing and we match puppies to families based on individual needs and order of deposits. We are with our puppies everyday and we know them best. 

How Do We Train Our New Puppy? Please visit our Puppy Training page for more information on puppy training. We highly recommend Baxter and Bella and we are getting positive feed back from our puppy buyers. It's a lifetime of support for under $200.00 with our code for a discount. 

Do You Sell Your Puppies On Full AKC Registration?

 No, most of our puppies are sold on limited registration unless going to a show/breeding home. We DO NOT allow any of our puppies to be registered with any other club other than AKC w/out prior approval. Click on this link for further information on AKC Limited Registration. We have a spay/neuter policy on all of our puppies. AKC papers will be provided once we have proof of spay/neuter if applies.

 What Should I Feed My Puppy?
 Currently our puppies are being fed Victor formula for All Stages. Please refer to the photo on our Puppy Pick Up Page. I highly suggest a raw diet and this is the best diet in my opinion. Here are few links if you are interested in feeding a raw diet.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?
 White Sand Golden Retrievers offers a two year guarantee on any puppy with clinical signs of hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia and a preliminary OFA report confirming severe hip dysplasia or grade III elbow dysplasia. A copy of the x-ray must be furnished to White Sand Goldens and if we determine that the dog was poorly positioned, we reserve the right to require the dog to be re-x-rayed by a vet of our choice.  We reserve the right to acquire DNA to determine that the dog or puppy is one of our lineages. Puppy must be returned to the breeder at buyer’s expense. Breeder will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by buyer, including but not limited to veterinarian bills and transportation costs. Please visit our Health page for more information on health issues in the Golden Retriever.

Where Are You Located? We are located in Southern Alabama and only 30 minutes from the Georgia and Florida line.

Do You Have References?
 I will gladly provide you with a list of families who have a White Sand puppy.
How Long Have You Been Breeding? We have owned golden retrievers for about 30 years and began showing/breeding in 2004.

Is It True There Is Less Cancer In English Goldens Versus American? 
Some breeders claim this, however I am not sure where I stand on this issue. I believe ALL Golden Retrievers are susceptible to cancer and I will not make my decision until I have been breeding for at least 30 years. Here are a few studies that have been done and I will let you educate yourself and come to your own conclusions. 
I Have Questions That Were Not Answered On This Page? Please call or email anytime and I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. Please call/text Kelly @  334-790-7994 or Email Me
What is an English Golden Retriever? 
As I have stated many times lighter colored golden retrievers brought into the states from other countries or even raised here in the states are sometimes called English Golden Retrievers, British Golden Retrievers, White or Rare White Golden Retrievers but truthfully they are just golden retrievers. The US golden retriever standard is a little different from the UK standard. There are other  differences between the club standards and you are welcome to go in and compare them for yourselves. To give you an idea of where the term "English Golden Retriever" came from please read this article by Bev Brown
What Exactly is an "English" Golden Retriever  

The Difference Between The American Golden Retriever Standard & English Standard

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