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The Time Has Come!
Puppy pick up is just around the corner.
Pick up begins ******** 

Here is a checklist to make sure everything is in place before your puppy comes home. 

Please read our Puppy Pick Up page 

Please read our Puppy Care page

Please read our Shopping page if you haven't already ordered supplies. I highly recommend the Snuggle Puppy with the heartbeat and warming insert. This comforts the puppy while transitioning from our home to yours. 

Our puppies are litter boxed trained and we use horse pine pellets for horse stalls. We use a water heater tray from Lowes or Home Depot for the litter. You can also place a scoop of pellets in the yard and take the puppy to the same spot every time. I recommend using a bell on the door to train the puppy to let you know when they have to go out.

Baxter and Bella is a great training tool and it's under $200.00 for a lifetime of support, videos and you can reach a live person with questions you have regarding training issues. They are wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. Click here to order and learn more about Baxter and Bella. 

Puppy Pick up begins this ****************. Please text me the best day for you to pick up. 

When you are here we will sign the health guarantee, go over the puppy insurance and microchip your puppy. 

For our protection we will text you our address rather than put it on our website. We look forward to meeting you!

puppy pen area.PNG
puppy pen area 1.PNG

Above is an example of how you can set up an area for your new White Sand Golden Retriever to come home. The light colored stuffed animal is the Snuggle Puppy that I suggested above. The round tray is the litter box with the pine pellets. Of course, the ultimate goal is to teach your puppy to potty outside. I believe that the bell on the door is a great method. Every time you take your puppy out to potty ring the bell with their paw. I would also put the pine pellets in an area outside and take the puppy to the same spot every time. Repetition, schedules and consistency are key.

Below is a video showing a puppy ringing the bell to go outside. Golden Retrievers are smart and they will pick up quickly.

White Sand English Golden Retrievers

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