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How Are our White Sand Golden Retriever Puppies  Raised?

white golden retriever puppy
english golden retriever newborn puppy

Our Golden Retriever puppies are born in a whelping box in our living room so mom feels as though she has privacy to whelp her puppies. I am with mom the entire birthing process and I never leave my girls alone. Sometimes we are up for more than 24 hours waiting for these bundles of joy!


Our puppies are exposed to  household noises which helps with socialization. We are now doing ENS exercises on our puppies and to learn more visit our Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises page of our website. We have a doggie door off of our kitchen and our puppies are trained to go in and out by 4 weeks of age. To help with potty training our Golden Retriever puppies are also litter box trained.

Scroll down to see several videos of our puppies and how they are raised. It may take a second for the video to show but there are five videos below!

We have videos and photos on our Face Book and Instagram page of our Golden Retriever puppies and I encourage everyone to check it out. Please be sure to like and follow us!

Links are provided below to our Social Media pages.

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