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What Is A Guardian Home?

White Sand English Golden Retriever Breeder

I have enjoyed the opportunity of acquiring puppies from different breeders around the world.  Working with other breeders allows us to diversify our lines.  I want all of my babies to live in their forever homes and be well mannered, happy dogs with a great family life.  So, we have opted to share our fur-babies with friends and family around the area.  


We want our puppies/dogs to have stability and consistency in their lives.  A guardian program works out great for the dogs, us and their guardian families.  Our dogs live with their forever family and come to visit us as needed. The puppies are whelped in our home, raised by us, and our guardian families are welcome to visit, snuggle the puppies and visit your girl and we encourage you to do so often.  In this fashion the dogs get all of their needs met and have two loving families that they know and grow to love.


We are always looking for individuals that would love to be a part of our guardian family.  This is a great opportunity to love and raise the first pick puppy from one of our litters.  Your responsibility includes but is not limited to; loving on the puppy and helping him/her grow into a well socialized, trained adult dog, food & vitamins.


Our guardian families cover every day vet care, food and training as well as offer an abundance of love and attention on a daily basis. We cover any and all expenses related to breeding and genetic testing.  


Our girls usually have 3-4 litters in their lifetime.  After our girls are finished with their breeding career they are spayed and they are your dog for life.  They are raised in your home, cared for as your dog and incorporated into our breeding program, hearts and lives.   

Our males usually stay a part of our breeding program for about 6 six years.

To be considered for a Guardian Program at White Sand the following must be taken into consideration.

  • Have previous experience with dogs.

  • Females and Males must live within 1 hour of zip code 36303

  • You must own your home.

  • Have a fenced in yard.

  • Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, lay-down, and leave it.

  • Be willing to socialize puppies. This is very important!

  • Must maintain Pet Insurance on dog at all times.

  • Puppy must be an indoor pet and never left unattended outside.

  • Feed a premium, quality food.

  • All other dogs in the home must be fixed.

  • Provide regular exercise.

  • Willing to let us, the breeder, visit your home.

  • Contact Breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident.

  • Send a copy of all vet visits to Breeder.

  • Must not allow he/she to mate with any unapproved dogs.

  • Provide veterinary care when needed.

  • If you have a female you must be willing to drop her off at least one week prior to whelping and leave her with us until puppies are weaned.

  • If you are a guardian for a female dog, you must be willing to drop her off for up to a week while she is bred. Then drop her back off 1 week prior to her whelping date. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned.

  • If you are a guardian for a male dog, you must be willing to drop him off for 3-5 days for breedings unless arrangements are made ahead of time for us to pick him up.

  • Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about scheduling testing, mating, whelping, and anything else breeding related.

A guardian puppy is $800.00. If the puppy does not pass health clearances than the dog will be spayed/neutered and is your dog for no additional fees. If you complete training with Melissa's Happy Dogs in Enterprise we will reimburse you $500.00 when she has her first litter. We also feel it's important that we keep your dog with us if you have to leave town rather than board her. 

If you live in the Dothan, Alabama area and you are interested in our program, please get in touch!

Kelly Spivey


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